Is It Possible To Break Fascia By Having Deep Tissue Massage On Feet?

No, it is not possible to break fascia by having a deep tissue massage on your feet as it is a very strong tissue and cannot be broken easily. It was earlier believed that having a deep massage on the feet can deform or change the size and the texture of the fascia, however, it was proved wrong a long time ago. There were studies at a massage course in Vancouver that proved this.

Fascia is the body’s connective tissues that are usually present beneath the skin and provides support and protection to the muscles and other internal organs of the body. A deep massage on the feet does not break fascia but it can help in providing relief to plantar fasciitis, a burning sensation that is produced in the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is a connective tissue that helps in connecting the toe to the heel bone.

Plantar fasciitis is common among the middle aged people and can sometimes be found in young ones. Some of the reasons for the occurrence of plantar fasciitis are constant heel pain, wearing badly designed shoes and standing in a wrong posture for a long period of time. The pain caused by plantar fasciitis is more in the morning when you first stand up from your bed and you may not be able to do any work due to the pain.

Therefore a deep tissue massage does not break the fascia but the scar tissues that were developed due to plantar fasciitis and provides relief to your foot pain. The massage therapy reduces the muscle soreness and improves the blood circulation to the plantar fascia and thereby cures the inflammation caused in the area. But always remember to get one from a professional masseuse who has been on a top massage course in Vancouver.